Centuries ago the generation-ship Argosy was dispatched from Sol into deep space. Their charter: to explore and colonize the Calendar system.

19 years ago the Argosy arrived at their destination. Battered but not broken, reforged by the duress of a life without sun or gravity, a civil war gone cold, and repeated environmental disasters into a disciplined and alien military culture. Their newest problem: the pristine habitable world they traversed a galaxy to reach already has a human colony numbering in the tens of millions, its resources being tapped by megastructures and technologies beyond the ken of its inhabitants.

Today the Argosians and the Indigene population of July maintain a fragile peace in the city of Tether, a place where megacorporations feud for control of lost technologies, only occasionally rallying to push back against a perverted and hostile biosphere of ice and rogue machines, all in the shadow of the space elevator and the Argosy itself.


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