Maas-JTF Coalition

To: Jen, Dia, Emanuel, Malcom

Silbe Marble allied with Hyleia in order to hack into Maas’ virtual reality systems. She believed that Maas had captured the original Argosian First Contact team from 17 years ago. This has been an ongoing obsession for her, that previously led her to accidentally kill Ichabad Machin, frame Mariella from Humanos, execute Humanos forces and act recklessly through the VR world.

Her hunt was quelled upon our encounter with Roland Fizzlebeef II and other high level Maas personale. The First Contact team arrived on July and encountered the planet’s automated wasp defense system. Though they died in the physical world, Maas rebuilt them within the virtual safe haven. Silbe stayed within VR a short time longer to spend time with her former comrades and broker a deal with Maas.

I have been appointed as ambassador to help bridge this divide, allowing the JTF into Maas’ system and interaction with the First Contact team. There are greater threats looming beyond Tether’s boarders and we must end the conflicts with Sovereign and Humanos in order to fight a larger battle.

-Roll Fizzlebeef III


James_E Kurtis

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